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Upcoming Auditions

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Performances will be July  19, 20 & 22
and July 26, 27, and 29.

Beauty and the Beast

In a quaint French village, Belle, a bookish dreamer, yearns for adventure beyond her provincial life. When her inventor father, Maurice, gets lost in a mysterious castle seeking shelter from a storm, Belle bravely ventures after him. There, she finds herself captured by the Beast, a creature cursed with a monstrous form due to his arrogance.

Trapped within the castle walls, Belle witnesses a world unlike any other, filled with enchanted objects who serve the Beast and yearn for their own freedom. As she navigates their curious world, Belle challenges the Beast's gruff exterior with her kindness and intelligence, chipping away at the walls he's built around his heart. Meanwhile, the arrogant hunter Gaston sets his sights on Belle, determined to win her hand in marriage, even if it means using deception.

As time unravels the secrets of the castle and the curse upon the Beast, Belle discovers a hidden truth that binds their destinies. Their bond deepens, blossoming into a love story that transcends appearances and challenges preconceived notions. But will they break the curse before time runs out and the Beast loses his humanity forever? Will Belle choose freedom or love? Prepare to be swept away by this timeless tale of transformation, where beauty is found in the heart and true love conquers all, with enchanting music, dazzling costumes, and unforgettable characters coming to life on stage.

Auditions will be held April 3 & 4th with possible callbacks April 5

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